Electric Details

  • 39 kWh Battery Capacity
  • 170 miles Range
  • 06:18 hrs Time to Fully Charge

  • 43 mins Rapid Charge to 80%
  • Type 2Standard Plug
  • CCSRapid Charge Plug

Electric Benefits

Kia Charge

Kia Charge is Kia's one-stop-shop solution that lets you charge in the largest network of fast and high-speed electric car charging stations in the UK, and many more charging stations across 28 other European countries.

Relaxing Drive

Electric cars are incredibly quiet, making for a more relaxing atmosphere. Driving is easy too, because electric motors produce maximum torque at all revs, so acceleration is instant.

No Road Tax

With no emissions, there’s also no road tax or congestion charges to pay. What’s more, with new green number plates specifically for EV’s, in many places you can park for free too.

The Eco choice

Because electric cars use an electric motor as an additional source of power to support the combustion less fuel is used, which in turn cuts down your running costs.

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Asset Protection

Stockton Kia offers a range of Automotive Insurance Solutions products for your new or used car. These include GAP insurance, Cosmetic Repair Insurance and Tyre and Alloy insurance. These products are designed to provide you with peace of mind when purchasing your next car, in case the worst happens. When purchasing your next car from Stockton Kia, your sales executive will explain these products to you in detail at the time of purchase. If however, you would like to know more now, we have outlined each product below.

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