Conflicts of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest means any financial decision that is made that could be deemed as not being fair due to a possible influence from a related party, that could significantly impair the objectivity of an individual or create an unfair competitive advantage for any person or organisation.

If the Companies interests conflict with those of a Client there is potential for Client detriment.

The Company has regular audits and reviews with regard our providers that flag up any instances that may be cause for a conflict of interest. In this event, they are investigated along with any other anomalies. 

The Companies staff are fully trained and aware of Opus Motor Group policies and will ensure that Customers' interests are put before any other considerations. Should the Company deem any instant where there could be a possible conflict between Clients or suppliers, the Company will act impartially and make Clients aware of facts and situation in order that they can decide if they wish to continue with the Company's services.

Provider relationships that may influence where business is placed could apply to (albeit not exclusively) either of the following:

  • The payment of higher commission rates, gifts or other incentives, that may relate to or influence the Company in placing your business with one provider where another provider could be more suitable for our Clients' needs.
  • Situations where two or more of our Customers are involved within a transaction which could also result in conflict against each other.

The Company ensures that its services are fully independent and does not accept benefits that create ties to specific providers. 

The Company documents any significant hospitality that may be received and all Company staff refer any incentives to senior Directors or management for approval where significant. 

 Should the Company deem that any of supplier or Client relationships may cause a Conflict of Interest, this is declared to the Client.

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