There are a range of Electric, Plug-In Hybrid and Self-Charging Hybrid vehicles available at Stockton Kia, including the EV6, Soul HEV, Sorento PHEV and more. 

Kia offers a range of incentives for choosing from their Electric and Hybrid range. From a 7-year warranty, a huge selection of cars and their bid to invest more into the future of motoring, that's not all - they're amazing to drive too. With a wide range available, the switch to hybrid and electric can be simpler than you imagined. 

What is a Hybrid?

What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

What is an Electric Vehicle? 

Our Kia Hybrid vehicles, or HEVs, have both a petrol engine and a small battery. The battery is said to be 'self-charging', meaning that it is usually replenished when decelerating. 

Hybrid cars only function in full electric mode when stationary, at a low speed or when decelerating. At other times, the battery supports the combustion engine to get a greater fuel efficiently and reach a range similar to that of diesel or petrol cars. 

Kia Plug-In Hybrid cars, or PHEVS, allow you to drive in electric mode on your short journeys, whilst alloying you to travel much further using both petrol and electricity. 

They are fitted with a relatively large battery, which can be charged from an external source such as a home or public charging point. 

When starting from a fully charged battery, Kia's PHEVs can run in fully electric mode for journeys of up to 40 miles (depending on the model). On longer journeys, they boast a range similar to that of a conventional car by using their engine and battery in tandem. 

Kia's Electric cars, or EVs, run solely on electricity. This offers a quiet operation, zero tailgate emissions and a truly breath-taking experience. 

Electric vehicle technology has come on leaps and bounds throughout their development. With technologies such as our e-GMP platform, EVs can go long distances and charge in a matter of minutes thanks to fast-expanding and easy-to-access network of public charging stations. 

TEST DRIVE an Electric Vehicle with us at Stockton Kia! 

Here at Stockton Kia, we have a range of Hybrid and Electric cars available for test drives TODAY! 

We'd love to see you here at the showroom and hopefully find you your ideal new electric car! Just visit us at Preston Farm Industrial Estate, or call us on 01642 632299! 

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