Treating Customers Fairly Policy

Opus Motor Group is committed to ensuring that the principle of treating customers fairly is applied responsibly and with integrity throughout all aspects of our day-to-day business.

This means we ensure: 

  • Our branches are orderly, well maintained and inviting, providing a pleasant environment for our customers. 
  • We have an industry leading sales process that provides a highly efficient, effective and simplified experience. 
  • The products and services we offer are suited to our customers, competitively priced and presented in a way that's easy to understand. 
  • Our carefully selected business partners are also committed to this core principle of treating customers fairly.

Our treating customers fairly policy is based on our company mission statement, and has become the guiding principle for our staff. We aim to ensure all our staff achieve the following:

  • Be friendly, helpful and courteous. 
  • Listen to customers' requirements and understand their needs. 
  • Provide accurate and relevant information in a clear and fair manner that is not misleading. 
  • Assist wherever possible at all times.
Our overall aim is to ensure that all customers are entirely satisfied with all aspects of communication with the company before, during and after a purchase.

Wherever possible, we will act upon customer feedback and management information to develop and improve the company's processes and procedures with the aim of exceeding the expectations of our customers.


If you're unhappy with any aspect of dealing with the company, we'd like to hear about it. You can contact our Customer Services department:   

Write to:

Stockton Kia

Concorde Way


Teesside TS18 3BP


01642 632299

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